Host A 1/2 Day ROW-IT Certification

Host A 1/2 Day ROW-IT Certification


Host up to 20 Coaches from your gym so you can add ROW-IT to your World Gym Athletics program. This is a 1/2 day certification and can be combined with any other 1/2 day certification for a full day.

Add ROW-IT to my WGA Program


Rowing is a full body workout, 3 times more effective than any other form of cardio. ROW-IT is the ultimate cardio workout in just 30 minutes. Coaches will lead you through rowing intervals to get your heart pounding and your whole body strong. With encouragement from your fellow athletes, you will learn to improve your form and increase your power and stamina. When you can row long distances efficiently, you’ll be able to lift more weight, improving your overall strength.