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Over 50 people went through our One Barbell Cert in Las Vegas.  Impact.  Loyal coaches, smart gym owners and even many of our vendors got a small taste of WGA. We’re just getting started.  The question was asked about our future. We’ve only unveiled a tiny piece of what WGA is, will be, and what our strategy will do.  We are disrupting the me-too functional training movement and developing athletes at all ages.  We are also creating more than community.  We have culture.  

You all know we just franchised it.  We’re launching in Australia, Brazil and Canada.  We are about to develop our internal coaching and education team (opportunity coaches!).  We have a performance nutrition program on deck and some cool technology on the way. And there are three more programs due to hit in 2019.  Head Coaches at each gym will become the fitness experts in their community.  And yes, you’ll see the number of gyms more than double in 2019 along with the aforementioned franchising of WGA as stand-alone businesses.

The point? We are more motivated and inspired than ever.  Weak folks will fade, strong and loyal folks will prosper.  We’re here for the long haul.  And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!  Fitness Truth, not smoke-n-mirrors.  The shift is happening.

Fitness Truth