Functional Training? Just Squat, Deadlift and Bench!


Don’t make stuff up.  Our industry often comes up with a new piece of equipment or a catchy (cheesy) name to go after the functional training trend.  Not WGA.  We deliver Fitness Truth through refining and carefully programming the key movements that have more return on investment!  What’s that mean?  It means we look at loaded, compound movements that work the body in a full boot to bonnet fashion while we teach and educate on proper position to reduce injury and increase power (read that again coaches, it’s important!).  It's why we use the barbell!  Pressing, squatting and deadlifting are the cornerstones.  

To help your knowledge base, please read attached.  It’s not as technical as some of our past studies.  It’s just a nice and simple review with a few nuggets of information that you may not know.