In A Functional Funk


Overheard at the IHRSA trade show while a sales rep was talking about their new cable machine: "This is one of the most functional pieces of equipment in fitness.” Then across the aisle a company was promoting their functional fitness line of small equipment.  Lots of bells, whistles, smoke and mirrors.  Just learn to pick up heavy stuff.  Develop the ability to throw or press objects overhead.  Run fast.  And adapt to varying metabolic demands in various time requirements.  

That is functional.  

Lots of companies, gyms and products are getting on the bandwagon of functional fitness. Most to make a buck, few to make a difference.  Heck, we’re not sure most of the people selling that stuff could run two miles in under 20 minutes or deadlift their bodyweight five times.

No one is going to get bullet-proof fit by doing 40 minutes on the treadmill at 4.5 mph or by lifting light weights or bands all the time.  Likewise, repeating the same training session doesn’t allow your body to adapt.  Staying aerobic isn’t as healthy as testing your lung capacity with hard intervals that make you question existence.  And in a sick way (those of you who know how to train right know what we mean), training hard is more rewarding and fun on many levels.  Adapting to varying demands is functional.  

So, take all the trinkets, toys, gimmicks and functional screens you want.  World Gym Athletics will rely on the barbell, heavy loads, speed, complete programming and better coaching.  Our program allows for progression based on your current level of fitness. We’ll see who crushes whom in the functional race.

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