Performance Enhancers 


Ready to cheat fairly?  I’ve been around athletes for a long time.  I’ve seen supplement suckers, ergogenic nut cases, diet chasers and drug dogs.  The end result is usually frustration and a smaller bank account.

There are performance enhancers that work.  The problem is they require you to take care of yourself and train with the proper methodology - two things that many athletes ignore or deny.  

Here are some performance enhancers that actually work and will bring relief to your bank account:

  1. Caffeine. You’ve heard me say that caffeine is a food group.  Recent studies show that caffeine does improve performance.  Just don’t fufu it up with sugar, artificial sweeteners or syrups.

  2. Sleep.  You want more growth hormone (legally) and accelerated tissue repair?  Get your rest.  If you’re not getting at least 7-8 hours a night, you’re not capable of getting the maximum out of your training. 

  3. Sugar.  Cut it out bro.  It wreaks havoc on your body.  It causes you to put on weight, challenges your even flow of energy and offers zero performance help.

  4. Portion control.  Eat sensible-sized foods/meals that fuel your metabolism instead of eating buffet-sized portions that give you more calories than your body can use (for training).  Unless you want to be a professional sumo wrestler or run a 400m in 4 minutes, push the big tray away.

  5. Training Matrix.  Refer to your Coaches Manual.  Are you achieving a balanced training approach each week?  We often see athletes gravitate to doing only what they’re good at and not addressing weaknesses.  Training in denial will result in an athlete having a lopsided or biased training approach.  This is dangerous stuff and that bias can result in an overall decrease in power, speed and stamina while slowing down athletic development.

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