Run, Ride or Regress


Ugh. Stamina work.  It’s part of a complete training program.  It’s only 20 minutes (at minimum) of some challenging work. Sure you can deadlift, squat and press big stuff.  But can you run more than 2 miles in under 20 minutes or cover more than 7 miles on a Stages bike in 20 minutes?  You recoiling a bit yet?  Those are just easy data points to hit.  We haven’t even introduced our prescription for doing longer days (not yet fans, not yet).

Why do we like running and riding (cycling)?

Running is one of the most functional movements we can perform.  We’re made to run – correctly.  If you’ve been to the PACE certification, you understand that running mechanics can help athletes run fast and injury-free.  Running has applications for many sports and can be done just about anywhere.  It also helps to enrich tendons and ligaments – something many people need as they age. Cadence and pacing is the key with running.  Shuffling along at a 10-minute pace won’t address stamina – athletes need to understand splits, pacing and how to start short and fast before they go long (i.e. track intervals).

Riding (cycling) helps with improving cardiovascular efficiency while minimizing ground reaction force (GRF).  It can be done indoors or outdoors.  And, like running, gives the athlete a full muscular engagement opportunity.  Cycling can also be done in a group setting (our World Tour Cycling program) to help motivation.  The key to cycling is resistance.  Rolling at 13mph doesn’t do a whole heck of a lot.  Maintaining average outdoor speeds of 17mph and higher makes the difference.

We need to run or ride (or preferably both) each week to be a well-rounded, fit and functional athlete.  Like everything we do in World Gym Athletics, face truth and get it done!  The benefits will pay off.

Fitness Truth