Understanding Dynamic Effort


You’ll often see Dynamic Effort (DE) on the program.  As you know, our Training Matrix subscribes to incorporating the Conjugate System made famous by legendary Louie Simmons (Westside Barbell). Why do we train with this system when no one else does in the fitness industry?  To improve Speed and Power.  

You’ve heard me say that anyone can be trained to lift heavy weight.  But, can you also adapt to train heavy and fast? This is what the DE does for our athletes.  It also helps with neural activity and helps to train the brain to react quickly. Think any sports (or even daily life events) require this skill?

The keys to coach the DE days are:

  1. Keep efforts light!  Light and fast.  Not heavy, no excessive struggling.

  2. Percentages of 1RM should be roughly 50-65%.

  3. Rep ranges will vary from 3-10 on average.

  4. DE days are always monostructural in nature to allow for adequate recovery for body and mind.

  5. Stick to the big three (bench, squat, deadlift).

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