When No One Is Looking


Character is often described as what you do when no one is watching.  To be a successful coach, you need to cultivate your coaching character when you’re not coaching.  Guy Cammilleri and I often make a decision based on doing what is right despite the financial gain or loss (of course, this is in line with our vision and culture and usually results in more revenue).  To be a successful coach or business person, you have to do the things that others in your field are unwilling to do!
Here are three checkpoints for you to continue to develop as an elite coach:

  • Learn by living - How do you treat your significant other or the person at the cash register?  Take the time to lead by treating people with respect, fairness and acknowledging their presence with a humble respect.

  • Get smarter by learning more - We’ll help you with our twice per month newsletters but what else do you do on your own time?  Read, watch, train and experience from other leaders, educators and mentors.

  • Roll up your sleeves & roll them down too - Get in the trenches and experience what your athletes battle.  Not just physically.  But stick to a training plan and know what it’s like to being consistent with training while you balance life, work and learning.  And don’t forget to find the time to have fun, work on relationships and be a kid again and play!

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