Skill and technique.  Injury prevention.  Increased power output.  Accessory work.  Shoulder ROM. The Training Matrix.  The World Gym Athletics methodology is rooted in science backed up with many years of coaching tons of athletes.  We understand what it’s like to lift heavy, deal with injury and become a well-rounded athlete and person.

Powerlifters focus on the deadlift, squat (back) and bench press.  But because the shoulder is an oft-injured joint, World Gym Athletics will often prescribe additional accessory work to help protect the capsule and the surrounding rotator cuff musculature. Powerlifters, due to the bench press position and movement, have a tendency to tweak their shoulders.  The range of motion of the shoulder joint for many powerlifters (and others that go to the gym often) becomes limited and therefore more susceptible to injury. 

What to do? Make sure you mobilize, warm-up, stretch and do enough varied accessory work to protect the shoulder joint and rotators. World Gym Athletics likes dumbbell front raises, banded rotator cuff strengtheners (remember from the cert?!) and full range of motion light-loaded drop sets. Check out the attached study.  You’ll also learn that powerlifters have great hamstring and rear chain flexibility.  No surprise there huh?!

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